How to know the latest movies showing in Davao City?

20 03 2015

Movies again. We just can’t get enough of movies, can we? As long as Hollywood and the Philippine Cinema don’t run out of stories, or wait, no. As long as writers don’t ran out of ideas and stories, movies will be forever existing.

I thought of writing about this since it’s been a long while since the last time I have watched a movie in a theatre. Really, as in maybe 3 years. I’m not really that extrovert kind, who always go out. And also since, I’ve pretty much occupied in front of may lappy monitor doing the my daily online activities.

But anyway, since I feel like I want to watch a movie, I’ve been looking for sources that have list of movies showing in Davao Cinemas. Those that are updated weekly, since of course movies in theatres change as weeks pass by.

Good thing I’ve found the list and put it on my other blog Cebu and Davao Journey. So if you are in Davao right now and want to know the movies showing this week, you can go read the list here. Or click this link: What movies to watch in Davao Cinemas this week?

I will update the post weekly. So don’t you worry.

Better if you bookmark the page so you don’t have to go back in Google looking for my blog post again.

Cheers! Enjoy your stay in Davao!

Condescending. Patronizing. People just love power for nothing. Without realizing TRUE POWER lies within a man’s passion, love of something like writing or any art. A special kind POWER upon the material things in life.

13 03 2015

Someone. A special dear told me something that somehow twisted the way I admire her. She said something that’s condescending, patronizing. So some insights struck my mind:


Condescending. Patronizing. People just love power for nothing. Without realizing TRUE POWER lies within a man’s passion, love of something like writing or any art. A special kind POWER upon the material things in life.

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Goodfellas

20 02 2015

Here’s something very interesting for Goodfellas fanatics like me. CineFix YouTube channel posted a video last December 29, 2014, about the 7 things most people didn’t know about the movie Goodfellas.

Henry Hill

Well, I know some things about the movie like Martin Scorsese took that bar scene very seriously. The scene where Henry Hill, portrayed by Ray Liotta and Lorrainne Bracco as Karen Hill, are walking in the bar from the back door.

The cooks, the carrying of the chair, the people waving their hands were just perfect. Very well timing as though it wasn’t shot by a camera. It was like a real-life scenario wherein you follow the two characters walking their way to the main bar. As though the camera lens are our eyes.

And Rey Liotta said something abut Martin Scorsese. He said he can’t believe working with a director ten times more passionate than he thinks he is.

But there are more things that I didn’t know about the movie until a few minutes ago.

Watch the video below to find out.


It’s so pleasantly surprising discovery that the two characters in the movie are actually the parents of Martin Scorsese in real life. How’s that for a trivia?

And oh, the tomato sauce, wish I can have a taste of that.

I’m worried about my SSS

30 09 2014

Should I be worried about my SSS?

It’s been a long time since I contributed to my SSS. If I remember it was two years ago I got to contribute from my salary deductions for the 11 months I worked in one company. Before that was really almost nothing and  on intervals it was only every month or quarterly in less than a year. That if those companies I had worked with really remitted those deductions from my salary.

YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE to READ: How to know your SSS status on the Net.

Now I understand that if you won’t be able to continue your contributions in one year, your contributions will have to go back to zero, if I’m correct. I thought they’re accumulated. I hope I’m wrong.

I’m having second thoughts if I’m going to pursue my SSS contributions. I am not deducted yet from my current employer.

I’m not getting younger anymore, and if I start my SSS payments again, I am like a 20-Year-Old young guy who have just begun to start his own career.

Filipinas are a Man’s Chattel

16 05 2014

Where were Vhong Navarro’s supporters in 2009?

It has been three months since Cedric Lee and friends brutally beat Vhong Navarro. To this day, Vhong Navarro enjoys an overwhelming level of support from the public. His supporters have been criticized as blind fanatics who are incapable of being fair regarding the merits of the entirety of this case. After all, Vhong Navarro allegedly sexually assaulted Cedric Lee’s rumored girlfriend, Deniece Cornejo.

Read the original article here.

Captain Phillips Understood Poverty: a Review

19 12 2013

There isn’t any real thrill at first. If you’re a scriptwriter, you could predict what will happen next. The fact that Captain Philips is not intimidated by the pirates who look so thin, young, so lack of experience and education, you don’t feel the tension. Even those armed pirates who made it from the ladder and take over the ship, and when they enter the engine room to find the crew, you know the inexperienced pirates won’t win. Then I realized it was only the beginning.

Captain philips movie

As much it should have been understood, wherein you ask: where do you draw the line between poverty and financial stability, a poor, third world country and a developed country?

Captain Philips could have easily understood the pirates’ motive. But it wasn’t that easy when he was being brought inside the lifeboat with them and being held hostage. He began to understood them being poor fishermen from Somalia, without the knowledge and even proper ways to take care of themselves, will do just to survive. All they desperately aspired for was a good life. With the $30,000 isn’t just enough. How can you get a good life out of $30,000?

Inside the boat was the the unimaginable tense in Phillips point of view. Even seeing one among the group was a teenager who still could have a bright future, but remained hopeless and did what he ought to do.

As to the kidnapping of Philips inside the boat and being surveyed by the US Navy, there is nothing the pirates can do. They could have surrendered. They could have easily understood that there is no way for them to survive if they pursue their plan. It’s America they’re fighting with. But they choose to do what they want. It could have been easy that way than to live with poverty. Either way, you still don’t survive. Good for Abduwali, the leader pirate, was convicted with piracy and will face on trial in America, an opportunity for him to go to the land of the free.

captain philips and the corpsman

The only awkwardness about the movie, as I thought, is when the lady corpsman keep asking Captain Philips if he’s okay and how he feels. Such inappropriate questions for a man who is under state of shock. If you are to imagine it is you who was Philips you would want to get mad at her, as much as you want to be rude with the corpsman you just can’t. It’s a corpsman’s job. It’s one of those procedures from an advanced country to treat a victim who has just survived. You just can’t get rude with the lady, because, mainly because…they saved your life.

A very good work by director Paul Greengrass. Even better than Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum. He has such an eye what everybody else has and what it sees. The scenes are too realistic that you would wonder if they are in the movie itself.

It is another Tom Hanks’s best performance. And give credit to Barkhad Abdi as Abduwali Muse, the leader of the pirates. Such close resemblance of lives Abdi has and the real Captain Richard Philips in the story.

Abdi was born on 1985 in Somalia. He was raised in Yemen but in 1999 he moved to Minneapolis to try his luck. He worked as a limousine driver and disc jockey in Minnesota before he was given a break in the movie industry.

Not Just Organized Crime, A Real Family: a Review

27 09 2013

I assumed it’s another gangster movie with gunfires, blown up cars, and fedoras worn by short men with tobaccos in their mouths.

But in this movie you won’t see violent scenes like in a typical gangster movie. No drama like in the Godfather. No detailed transactions like in the Good Fellas. It’s just a movie about family.

The Maznoni family relocates in Normandy, France, from Brooklyn, New York, because the head of the family, Giovanni Maznoni (Robert De Niro), a mafia boss, rat on to another mafia kingpin Don Luchese. Don Luchese is sent to prison because of it and eventually the family gets a witness protection program from the FBI, under the supervision of Agent Stansfield (Tommy Lee Jones).

Now, name being changed from Maznoni to Blake, getting used to living an American lifestyle, the family tries to live up to French expectations or at least fit to its culture. The children Belle and Warren go to school and try to mixed up. However anything that can spark their anger could be dangerous to their schoolmates due to their capacity for violence. Tough and ready to defend themselves against the enemies.

Giovanni’s wife Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer), who has always been supportive to her husband, overheard French people saying racist statements against Americans upon themselves inside the grocery store, blew up the grocery store with a gas tank and lighter fluid. Such members of the family that need anger management.

There are occasions where Giovanni’s short temper have been tested. One is with a plumber who tries to outsmart him, two is with a head of a local fertilizer factory who interrupts him while talking. All because of the brown water coming out his faucet.

Each member of the family is smart and a gangster at heart. “Fuck!” as Giovanni always say, to mean anything unpleasant or funny can be combination of two, has become one of their favorite expression to mean something serious.

So funny there is one scene in the movie where Giovanni, who claims to have been writing a history novel about the Normandy landings, is invited by a local film group curator for a debate about the film Some Came Running starring Frank Sinatra, a film about an aspiring writer with a dark past.

On that event, the curator apologizes that the movie about to be debated is not anymore Some Came Running but The Good Fellas instead.

If you’re a De Niro fan you would really laugh out hard on the floor, wondering what the hell is he going to say about the film? But anyway, after all, it’s Giovanni Maznoni in this movie The Family, and not Robert De Niro.

There are many mixed up categories in the film you would probably wonder if it is a comedy, action, or drama. Perhaps it’s a combination of those three.

The movie is not bad. I like it not just because I’m a De Niro fan. I like it because the film is simply about the story of one family. Imagine what a family would do if somebody puts it in danger.

As the movie slogan goes: “Some call it organized crime. Others call it family.” You will know at the climax why.


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