Simply Buried

I’ve just finished watching Buried a few minutes ago and I felt somewhat confused on what to say about the film. Well, at least, that was the moment when the picture fades to end.

A film by Rodrigo Cortes, Buried is sure to be a candidate to be one of the best films ever made in 2010.  The whole film is practically shot inside a coffin buried six feet underground. When I say the whole film, I mean every second of the film is seen inside that little box.

This is one good revolution for Hollywood, telling the movie makers that sometimes the simplest way is the best way for a film.  A producer doesn’t have to spend millions of dollars to make a blockbuster film. This film needs only a camera, a coffin, one actor, some lights and that’s it, you have a hit movie that people will shake their heads and say, “What the hell.”

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It is natural for the viewers to be disappointed about the ending because it’s not the one that they would expect. Normally suspense thrillers have heroes in the end, or perhaps a little twist in the climax and please you with a proper ending. But this one ended just like a dying man about to die on his death bed, “I’m sorry Paul. Im Sorry.”

The movie begins with Ryan Reynolds as Paul Conroy, an American truck driver in Iraq, who caught himself buried underground inside a coffin, with only a lighter and a cellphone, and with no idea how he got there and who put him there. He then begins to look for answers as he gets some clues through making and receiving phone calls.

What follows is a series of struggles how to stay alive, desperately grasping for oxygen, light, and battery power to be needed for his cellphone to start making calls in the outside world.  At the climax when Conroy is about to be rescued by the FBIs,  the sand start to fall inside the coffin. Every second counts as the rescuers are on their way to save him. Only to find out that the FBI either dig for the wrong man or intentionally deceive Conroy for personal advancement.

Typical  movie goers would feel unsatisfied about the film because they are used to watch suspense thrillers endings in which the good always prevail. But not on this movie wherein the evil seems to prevail.  When you try to contemplate about it, the ending is just right for the movie. It simply shows how brutal and unjust life is in the real world. It speaks of truth. It speaks about the reality. This movie will definitely change the way you see the traditional way of movie making.

Rodrigo Cortes is the director to watch this year. Brilliant performance by Ryan Reynolds. I rate this movie 8.5 out of possible 10.


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