Why Did Angelo Reyes Kill Himself?

The tragic death of Former Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes made all Filipinos draw into a quiet contemplation. When I heard the news I immediately think that this could be it, this could be the end of all the madness this country is going through.

But why did Angelo Reyes kill himself? Reyes could have denied all the charges against him. He could have appeared today in the Senate investigation and answer all allegations against him, or maneuver the inquiry slyly so he can be vindicated. Or perhaps, if above all his conscience he’s guilty, he could have admitted the crime and suffer the consequences that he had done. But why did he do it?
Maybe Angelo Reyes did it because he can’t scream his regrets to the heavens.  It’s because perhaps too many big people are going to be involved should he come out in the open and admit the crime. Maybe Reyes has to give in. Maybe Reyes can’t no longer take all the blame combined with all the loyalty he had given his Commander in Chiefs in the past and the services he had done to the people. Maybe he has also been a victim of the evil nature of the world, and that there is no way he can turn back. Maybe it is his own way of bringing a message to Filipinos that this evilness must be stop.

But can’t it be stopped?


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