My iPad Dream

I am joining a contest from Jehzlau Concepts called, “I’m giving away an iPad this April!” This contest  is open to all bloggers on the Internet (oh yes as in all bloggers in every corner of the earth). To qualify, an entry should be posted on a blog not less than three months old. Good that this blog is already 11 months old. Hehe.

Contestants should give 7 reasons (yes 7 my lucky number) why they should win an Ipad. I believe I deserve to win. I have to say that because I won’t win if I don’t believe that I should win. I believe deep in the pits of my stomach and in the marrows of my soul that I deserve to win an iPad. Here are the 7 reasons why:

1. Because I am broke and I really need something that can make my parents proud of me, at least just for the moment of winning a brand new iPad.

2.  Because I don’t have any valuable item with me except my notebook.

3. Because I want to let people know that I can afford owning an iPad (by winning a contest from Jehzlau Concepts). Hehe.

4. To improve my social status.

5. I want to brag this iPad to my friends and share my knowledge to them on how to use it. Hehe.:-)

6. I can blog wherever I go.

7. I want to try a whole new different experience in logging on the Internet.

This contest from Jehzlau Concepts is sponsored by SherWeb, the number one hosted Microsoft exchange provider on the Net. Sherweb offers  different kinds of hosting : Web Hosting, Hosted Exchange, Hosted Sharepoint, POP3, Streaming, FTP, and many more.

So that’s it. I really wish that I will win this iPad. Cheers to all!

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