Joining a Contest Again

I’ve been fascinated about blog contests for some time now. This began when I first joined  Jehzlau Concepts‘ “A Cool Contest Before November Ends.” I didn’t win. But all contestants were given free 1 year domain names and lifetime hosting as consolacion. That was how my first blog Cebu and Davao Journey acquired a new domain name. From to The next one was Batang Yagit’s “My Most Memorable Event in 2010.” I won second prize: free lifetime hosting.

After a few months I joined Abdul Hakeem’s first contest, and with pure luck, I won first prize. I received the prize only a few days ago. I would like to thank Roy of Abdul Hakeem for giving me the opportunity.

Now, I am joining his contest again called “Most Interesting Blog Award.” (this is after joining Jehzlau Concepts’ “Im Giving Away an iPad This April.”) I’ve decided to choose a post from this blog as my entry, since my writings here are more honest and sincere. My posts in Cebu and Davao are more on the business side, more informative. This blog is more of my thoughts and idealisms. Sometimes esoteric and pompous, as with the name of this blog. Also goes with the title of my entry. Here is my entry for this contest, To Live a Pompous Life.

Anyway, this contest is open to all Filipino bloggers. So if you are one and think that you have interesting thoughts to share to the world, just submit your entry to Abdul-Hakeem, Weblog of Roy. Click this link:  Abdul Hakeem. The contest is easy. You can submit an old, a recycled, or new entry. Just fill out the entry form from Roy’s post.

So here I am again joining another contest. I hope I win. I also hope for the deserving one to win. I would like to thank Roy again for giving me and all Filipino bloggers the opportunity to express ourselves through the power of blogging. Let’s keep on blogging in the free world. Cheers to all! 🙂


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