5 Days of War (5 Days of August) Review

This is one proof why I don’t understand the objective of wars in the world. I have seen many movies of this kind where war has really no justification. The Platoon, The Pianist, Enemy at the Gates, or Schindler’s List, the lost of civilian lives is just so unspeakable. 5 Days of War is no exception.

This war movie directed by Renny Harlin is a story about a short Russian-Georgia war in 2008. It begins when journalist Thomas Anders comes in the Iraq war when a group of Iraqi Forces spray bullets to them losing one of his colleague. Another assignment is given to Anders this time with cameraman Sebastian Ganz to cover the conflict about to spark in Georgia against the Russians. What follows are bullet, missiles and bombs targeted to the Georgian Village from an attack what to be believed as mercenaries. It’s at these killings that Sanders and Ganz struggle to escape and send all the footages they’ve covered from the killings.

The movie is action-packed, the plot is tolerable; the only deficiency is the performance of the actors. No intense scenes involved to make the movie more moving and inspiring; not much agitation as that of like De Caprio’s Blood Diamonds. Val Kilmer’s and Andy Garcia’s talents are not put into use, well, even if you include Andy’s teary eyes as the President of Georgia. 5 Days of War simply makes you want to gnash your teeth and want to put a bullet in the heads of the mercenaries.

No more thoughts I can share to you right now until I read Roger Ebert’s review on this film.


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