Killer Elite Review: Robert De Niro, Still Inspiring Despite Old Age

It kept me bored at the middle of the movie. I thought Robert De Niro’s role here is close to mediocre. Not until the scene when he points a gun and targets a man who is about to kidnap a beautiful woman.

Killer Elite is directed by Gary Mc­Kendry and stars Jason Statham, Clive Owen, and Robert De Niro. It is about two ex SAS officers, Danny (Jason Statham) and Hunter (Robert De Niro), who are also hired as professional killers, looking for wealth, truth, and justice.

It starts when Danny and Hunter decides to quit the job for good. Just when they start living a new life, Hunter is kidnapped by men in Oman. The ransom is a mission for Spike to kill three SAS (Special Air Service) officers by a shiek of Oman, seeking vengeance for the killing of his sons. What follows is a series of complicated turn of events, characters, scenes, and dialogues.

I was not impressed by the plot at first. As I’ve said, it was only then I realized the movie has some quite an extraordinary plot when Robert De Niro came into action. When Hunter (De Niro) is released from captive, the new dimension of the story begins.

Well, it is not only about De Niro’s turn for action makes the movie interesting and admiring. It is the whole plot itself. The director has intentionally made the movie a bit complicated on its plot to create an action movie not focused on sensationalized scenes, but on script and character.

But for all, as a Robert De Niro aficionado, it is Robert De Niro who woke up my senses on the film. I was actually waiting for him when to come out and blast all the bad guys. I thought there aren’t going to be a De Niro hero in the movie. He, as Hunter, just talks and talks, like one to Danny’s beautiful fiancee, telling her about Danny and his role to protect her from danger, doing his usual facial manner and all that. But when he smells danger for Spike’s fiancee, I literally rise from where I was lying on bed.

That particular scene when he shoots the enemy at the subway, shooting perfectly on the leg, intentionally not to kill the enemy but to only hurt him and give him a message, is very inspiring and attention-grabbing. There goes my idol.

Robert De Niro, even at his old age, is still at his best and finest. One of my most favorite actors of all time.

Watch the below the video I’ve uploaded from YouTube some minutes ago the time I’m writing this post:


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