Stand Up Guys Stand Up!

Stand Up Guys movie review.


Whenever I watch a movie I always try to figure out the name of the movie relating to the sequence. How did the writer come up with that title? Where did he get such name? Usually it’s at the end of the movie where I got to know the gist of the title.

Stand Up Guys reminds me of the aged Marlon Brando–which according to a hearsay–who had fond talking to his wiener who couldn’t get an erection, “stand up son stand up.” And when he began to feel the blood flowing in it, the snake in his trouser would become a rocket, he would celebrate for it. One scene from Al Pacino taking prescription drugs for an erection I immediately thought: that’s why.

But the erection problem has nothing to do with the movie. Stand Up Guys mean standing together until the end. That’s what the movie is all about, or at least as far as my perception is concerned.

Stand Up guys movie acene Al and Walken talking
Stand Up guys movie acene Al and Walken talking

Stand up guys is one very entertaining film. Imagine king of New York and Tony Montana together as old guys who still have the fun despite the monotonous life of being old. They stick ’till the end.

The movie stars Al Pacino as Valentine, Christopher Walken as Doc, and Alan Arkin as Hirsch. Three old con pals out for what seem to be an old school nightlife. A night in a lifetime where there were no creatures besides the three of them in the quiet city streets.

The only problem is, Val, out for parole from jail, will be killed by his old best pal Doc. Because if he won’t he might be killed too by a man he works for.

Most of the scenes at the beginning were just Al and Walken talking to each other. How great it is to see those great actors just talking. How can you not be amused by Al’s very low pitch, husky voice to screaming in high note when he gets mad. And Christopher Walken’s mannerism, moving his head to the side when he says, “you know…”

This is primarily intended not to bore old Scarface and King of NEw York fans at the beginning of the movie. Then inevitably follow what will happen next.

I like Al and Christopher humorous performance. They can be comedians too, I thought. They’re still great. My movie heroes.

Although not praised by critics because of the mediocrity of the production, the movie to me is entertaining. It’s Al and Christopher man. C’mon gimme a break! After all, I learned a good lesson about real friendship and being old.

The copy I watched is for awards presentation only and it’s not for sale or public viewing. I don’t know where my bro got it.

Watch the premiere on February 1, 2013 in all theaters near you. Check out the official website here.

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