Make Dreams Come True With Auction a Celebrity

The first time I heard this phrase, “auction a celebrity,” I was kinda dumbfounded. What was it all about? I hopped in to the website and there and then I immediately knew what it was up to. I knew you don’t just auction valuable items, but celebrities too. But ooops, it’s not exactly what you think.

Celebrity auction is a method of raising money for charity by letting donors meet their favorite celebrities. So they bid. The donation will also be in form of bidding in which the money raised will be used for charities such as for the victims of the hurricane Sandy. The lowest bidder wins.

Now, I am starting to get engaged with this. No not as a contributor and dream to meet my favorite actors someday (even though I really desire), but a marketer of this cause.

We at auction a celebrity is raising $130,000 to make your dream possible. Here is an excerpt from our message from our Indiegogo campaign page:

We at auction a celebrity have lived by a dream to create one of the world’s biggest promotions, to have it fun as well as change lives. We believe in creating auctions and experiences money cannot buy, as well as donate large portions of profits to much needed charities. If you could better someone’s life by doing a good deed, why would’nt you?

If we can only spend $15 for the chance to win a major celebrity experience as well as raise 10’s of thousands of dollars for needing charities, why wouldn’t we.

This is an amazing way as well as innovating way to get thousands of people around the world donating as well as many having the experience of a lifetime, can you only imagine having a personal experience with one of the world’s biggest celebrities?

We will also auction products of very high value, products that are normally for the very few.

By contributing to this project you will be funding a dream and turning it into a reality, all the ground work is done, and already have interest by a very big name celebrity, all we need is the funding to make it happen.
The first celebrity auction will raise and donate between $35,000 and $40,000 to hurricane sandy victims, and another 25 thousand to Breast Cancer Foundation. Pay a good deed forward and we will honour a good deed back.

We will continue to auction off celebrity experiences as regularly as possible.

The auction platform has been custom built and is as transparent as possible, firstly it is designed to win and secondly it is designed to raise money.

The money we will raise through this platform of $130,000.00 will be used as an upfront deposit to go to the major celebrity, they have interest and have agreed if we meet the funding requirements. They will then post a link on their twitter and face book pages to over 40 million of their fans to promote it as well as we will be sending out press releases internationally, so we are expecting to launch one of the world’s biggest and most exciting promotions.

Please help our cause. Donate now and make our dreams come true. You can also click this link to donate:


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