Captain Phillips Understood Poverty: a Review

There isn’t any real thrill at first. If you’re a scriptwriter, you could predict what will happen next. The fact that Captain Philips is not intimidated by the pirates who look so thin, young, so lack of experience and education, you don’t feel the tension. Even those armed pirates who made it from the ladder and take over the ship, and when they enter the engine room to find the crew, you know the inexperienced pirates won’t win. Then I realized it was only the beginning.

Captain philips movie

As much it should have been understood, wherein you ask: where do you draw the line between poverty and financial stability, a poor, third world country and a developed country?

Captain Philips could have easily understood the pirates’ motive. But it wasn’t that easy when he was being brought inside the lifeboat with them and being held hostage. He began to understood them being poor fishermen from Somalia, without the knowledge and even proper ways to take care of themselves, will do just to survive. All they desperately aspired for was a good life. With the $30,000 isn’t just enough. How can you get a good life out of $30,000?

Inside the boat was the the unimaginable tense in Phillips point of view. Even seeing one among the group was a teenager who still could have a bright future, but remained hopeless and did what he ought to do.

As to the kidnapping of Philips inside the boat and being surveyed by the US Navy, there is nothing the pirates can do. They could have surrendered. They could have easily understood that there is no way for them to survive if they pursue their plan. It’s America they’re fighting with. But they choose to do what they want. It could have been easy that way than to live with poverty. Either way, you still don’t survive. Good for Abduwali, the leader pirate, was convicted with piracy and will face on trial in America, an opportunity for him to go to the land of the free.

captain philips and the corpsman

The only awkwardness about the movie, as I thought, is when the lady corpsman keep asking Captain Philips if he’s okay and how he feels. Such inappropriate questions for a man who is under state of shock. If you are to imagine it is you who was Philips you would want to get mad at her, as much as you want to be rude with the corpsman you just can’t. It’s a corpsman’s job. It’s one of those procedures from an advanced country to treat a victim who has just survived. You just can’t get rude with the lady, because, mainly because…they saved your life.

A very good work by director Paul Greengrass. Even better than Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum. He has such an eye what everybody else has and what it sees. The scenes are too realistic that you would wonder if they are in the movie itself.

It is another Tom Hanks’s best performance. And give credit to Barkhad Abdi as Abduwali Muse, the leader of the pirates. Such close resemblance of lives Abdi has and the real Captain Richard Philips in the story.

Abdi was born on 1985 in Somalia. He was raised in Yemen but in 1999 he moved to Minneapolis to try his luck. He worked as a limousine driver and disc jockey in Minnesota before he was given a break in the movie industry.


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