7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Goodfellas

Here’s something very interesting for Goodfellas fanatics like me. CineFix YouTube channel posted a video last December 29, 2014, about the 7 things most people didn’t know about the movie Goodfellas.

Henry Hill

Well, I know some things about the movie like Martin Scorsese took that bar scene very seriously. The scene where Henry Hill, portrayed by Ray Liotta and Lorrainne Bracco as Karen Hill, are walking in the bar from the back door.

The cooks, the carrying of the chair, the people waving their hands were just perfect. Very well timing as though it wasn’t shot by a camera. It was like a real-life scenario wherein you follow the two characters walking their way to the main bar. As though the camera lens are our eyes.

And Rey Liotta said something abut Martin Scorsese. He said he can’t believe working with a director ten times more passionate than he thinks he is.

But there are more things that I didn’t know about the movie until a few minutes ago.

Watch the video below to find out.


It’s so pleasantly surprising discovery that the two characters in the movie are actually the parents of Martin Scorsese in real life. How’s that for a trivia?

And oh, the tomato sauce, wish I can have a taste of that.


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