I’m trying to renew my NBI Clearance application online

So funny I made a blog post about this query a few months back. But when I hopped on to NBI’s official website again some days ago, I can’t make it to the payment stage.

I really don’t know why this happened when it worked for others. I’m trying to use my BPI account but I just can’t get through. Funny how I am supposed to be an expert with this, I haven’t succeeded with the application.

You can check out my blog post here: http://www.techtektek.com/how-tos/apply-nbi-clearance-online/

Well, in my case, I wanted to renew my clearance because I am planning to apply a passport. No, I am not going to apply for a job abroad. I just want to acquire it so that when I will have to meet a client abroad, in Singapore or Hong Kong perhaps, I can travel easily.

Maybe i’ll try again. Maybe there’s a glitch in the website itself.

If you know why the ‘payment section’ doesn’t work, please let me know in the comments below. A little help is much appreciated. God bless!


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