Soviet Union leader Stalin is much more evil than German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler?

Just when you think Adolf Hitler is the most evil man in the history of mankind, as what he is known to the world, when he annihilated 4 to 6 Million Jews, think again.

Watch the video below and liberate your mind.

The video above is a documentary film directed and written by Dennis Wise. It was released in 2013 (watch the video in parts).

The film received a rating of 7.8 out of 10 in IMDB by average viewers. However, the film received very bad reviews from critics, depicting a clear neo-nazi propaganda.

To me the film is plausible.

The goal of the viewer should be to assess the facts presented in the film.

I have contemplated, even paused some parts at the middle of it, to research in Google, whether it really is true what it is narrated in the film.

I have found out 99% are all true.

So, it totally changed the way how I perceive about Hitler.

If you know your world history based on text books, I can promise you, you don’t know one tenth of it.

To me, it is not how the scenes are presented in the film. The purpose of it is to reveal the facts. The purpose is to reveal what really transpired during the two world wars.

There are stories that are not meant to be told. There are things left unsaid.

That is why this is a story that was never, ever told. But now it is told.

Remember that the history is written by the winners.


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