The Green Mile: Book Review

Stephen King just never run out of ideas, stories that stun readers in an eerie realm of make- believe. He’s so incredible that it’s natural for him to write stories that are plausible and unimaginable at the same time. His serial novel The Green Mile once again proved his ingenuity in the world of fiction.

The novel tells about a tale of death and immortality. Paul Edgecombe, who guards the inmates in the row of cells at Cold Mountain State Penitentiary known as The Green Mile, knows exactly what deaths for them are; and what could have been his ultimate experience of life and death. He discovers John Coffey’s special powers—an inmate convicted of rape and murder of two little girls. He witnesses with his fellow guards that even a small of God’s creation could walk on the Green Mile without having fear for humans: a mouse.

All of Edgecombe’s experience with the guards, who watches the countless criminals being electrocuted, would know what death could be like to them and to the ordinary people; what could have been the difference of the lives of the good and the evil.

Discover more about King’s mystery of Religion and Superstition both interconnected of what lies within the truth of eternal life and death.