Flowers from the Rubble: Book Review

Conrado De Quiros, author of the book Flowers From the Rubble, is too great a Filipino writer both in Journalism and Philippine Literature. He writes with a burning heart to tell the truth about Philippine Politics. Flowers from the Rubble is a collection of essays so virtuous from mediocre columns we often dash off in most publications.

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De Quiros is so right in every issue he wants to point out. In whatever related issues concerned in everyday news and features, he simply speaks with common sense. As we read each of his essay we automatically be reminded the world as complicated as it is, and ask ourselves why live in the world the way most people do. He makes readers break their hearts, but at the same time smile when he begins to describe children‘s laughter, beautiful aphorisms and songs.

For me De Quiros is not just an educator but a Messiah. He is impervious to criticisms. He speaks the truth while most of us usurp in a traffic jam or jump off a high cliff. Mixed metaphors are fantastic; Prose astounding. The genius of the book, like the Bible, is simply the truth.

Conrado de Quiros won First place in the 1985 Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature both for Short Story and Essay. He is a regular columnist and editorial for The Philippine Daily Inquirer.


The Road Less Traveled: Book Review

I tried picking up this book some years ago simply because of the title. I assumed it was some story about a place seldom visited. Metaphorically it is.

Dr. Scott Peck–a physician and psychiatrist–discusses well about spiritual maturity, about how to live as human. He talks about the psychology of LOVE; how it is often misled. He talks about the wall between Science and Religion, and eventually lead us to the truth when he explains there isn’t really a separation between the two in terms of human aspirations–had turned that wall into a bridge.

Inspired from his experiences in treating countless of schizophrenic and neurotic patients, he explains the real causes of character-disordered people. He comes to a study about the human existence and human behaviour, and what its real purpose.

From Christians and Muslims to Protestants and Atheists, he explains that there really have no differences in beliefs when it comes to our real goals in life and moral soundness.

The wisdom of this book will definitely inspire people; full of kindness in Dr. Peck’s heart. There will be no book that would ever be written as virtuous as The Road Less Traveled: moving, touching, contrite.