How to know the latest movies showing in Davao City?

Movies again. We just can’t get enough of movies, can we? As long as Hollywood and the Philippine Cinema don’t run out of stories, or wait, no. As long as writers don’t ran out of ideas and stories, movies will be forever existing.

I thought of writing about this since it’s been a long while since the last time I have watched a movie in a theatre. Really, as in maybe 3 years. I’m not really that extrovert kind, who always go out. And also since, I’ve pretty much occupied in front of may lappy monitor doing the my daily online activities.

But anyway, since I feel like I want to watch a movie, I’ve been looking for sources that have list of movies showing in Davao Cinemas. Those that are updated weekly, since of course movies in theatres change as weeks pass by.

Good thing I’ve found the list and put it on my other blog Cebu and Davao Journey. So if you are in Davao right now and want to know the movies showing this week, you can go read the list here. Or click this link: What movies to watch in Davao Cinemas this week?

I will update the post weekly. So don’t you worry.

Better if you bookmark the page so you don’t have to go back in Google looking for my blog post again.

Cheers! Enjoy your stay in Davao!