The Secret to Manny Pacquiao’s Success

Note: This article was previously published by under my name, of course. But I’ve made some modifications and revisions for highest quality possible for this blog. For whose rights this article belongs to is basically me.

There has never been a boxer that shocked the whole world more than Manny Pacquiao. This little Filipino boxer, as many people would say, is larger than life. Due to his seven different weight division world title champions, many ask about the secret behind his success.

Most people expect the keys to Manny Pacquiao’s success are the things most successful people do to reach their goals. These include hard work, belief in oneself, and passion in what you do. But there is something about this Filipino boxer that is totally different from the rest of all successful people in the world, especially in the field of sports.

Probably the secret to Manny’s success has little to do with his dedication to the sport of boxing. It has something to do with his faith in God.  His success is already written on his palms. It is his fate. His talent in boxing has so much to tell about how he achieved his success. His God-given talent is too remarkable that no one could have ever imagined.

Manny’s hand speed is unthinkable; too incredible that they are like typebars of a typewriter printing perpetually on a paper by a fast typist; a kind of speed that had not seen before from any boxer in history. And most of all his power punch, a power that is beyond human comprehension.

Despite this natural genius in him, Manny has a lot to tell about how he have achieved success. First is his history. He was born to a poor family; the reason why he stopped going to school in fourth grade to support his mother and siblings. He became a doughnut vendor, a tricycle driver, and a worker in a fish port. These struggles made him decide to engage himself in the world of boxing not only because of the love of the sport and the love of his dream to become like his idol Mike Tyson, but mainly because to save his family from poverty. This decision first came to his mind after listening to a Douglas-Tyson fight from a portable radio. His determination is so strong that he would do anything to achieve his goal against all adversities.  This is how his faith in God became his source of strength. The rest was history.

Manny Pacquiao stepped every rung of ladder to success gradually but overwhelmingly. Every fist thrown to every opponent is heartily dedicated to his fellow Filipino citizens, who gave him more inspiration to win not just the game of boxing but the game of life.

Poverty had been a very big factor that made Manny Pacuqiao what he is right now. If it hadn’t been for poverty he wouldn’t be great as he is today. Probably his God-given talent has a purpose for him and had given to him to use it as an instrument for him to succeed and to show to all people in the world that anyone can succeed in life as long as he/she have faith in God.  As he would always say, “Every dream can be achieved if you only believe in Him.”

Most people expected him to say it differently, that his success has something to do with strong will and hardwork, but he just said it simply just as the simple person he is: faith in God.  If it hadn’t been for God he wouldn’t have that talent in him.


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