The Godfather Papers and Other Confessions: Book Review

This book is a post-read to all The Godfather fans. Mario Puzo‘s collection of essays, articles, and previously unpublished short stories proved his undoubted honesty and sincerity on his bestseller novel The Godfather.

His first autobiographical essay Choosing a Dream tells his childhood and adolescence in Hell’s Kitchen in New York. Here we can find out where the idea of The Godfather came from, his fellow Italian’s grim lot in America, and his story of success as Frank Sinatra and Joe DiMaggio. He also includes his early diary of an unsuccessful writer, his sentiments to publishers and fellow writers.

The Godfather fans could discover some important insights and the real significance of the novel. Why such idea came out in the first place?  Why he didn’t agree to such people who attacked him for glorifying the Mafia? And for that he discusses well about the nature of good and evil. He reveals how America practices graft and bribe money and are still acceptable to the society. While the leaders of the outside world commit crimes and oppress the powerless, the underground called the Mafia guarantees financial security and protection to its members by means of force and violence to the enemies. The irony that even in the beginning of the novel he has always been on the good side.

He also discusses about feminism and male chauvinism, which are also related to the novel. He also reveals everything about the making of The Godfather the movie. How people like Copolla, Sinatra, Al Ruddy, Brando and Pacino, dealt and painstakingly involved in the movie. He even recalls his meeting with Frank Sinatra that didn’t go well, as it is learned Sinatra’s resemblance to Johnny Fontane, one character from the novel.

It’s the real Mario Puzo who reveals and explains everything. New York, Las Vegas, Hollywood, all but in one book. That is why Mario Puzo (who died on July 1999) was truly a brilliant, inimitable writer of all time.


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